Up Close & Personal
What You Get for $29+ materials (early bird)
The Up Close & Personal workshop includes an exploration of what it means to create a homestead, individualized attention for each participant regarding their home, hands on experience brewing kombucha with the opportunity to take home a starter "scoby", tour and discussion of backyard chickens, indoor composting worms, bees, season extension techniques, community organizing and more plus an in depth focus each month ... June’s focus on edible insects.
Each participant also receives electronically a half dozen documents that The Home Grown Institute has prepared on composting, natural cleaners, fermentation aquaponics and more. The participants of this session will also have access to a week by week reminder system we are developing.
Get Inspired to Spring Your Good Intentions into Action!
The workshops are held on Sundays, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm in Erdenheim (near Chestnut Hill). See fee schedule on left.
Also Available:
Personal/Private Consultation in your home. Email for more details.
Future topics:
Growing Mushrooms in the Shade (April 21 tentative date)
Season Extension
Small Scale Solar 101
Raising Chicks
Honey Extraction
Pickling and Fermentation
Seed Starting
Up Close & Personal
sustainable skills made
Busy People
Take Your Home-Based Sustainable Skills Up a Notch with the 
"Up Close and Personal" series offered every other month*
(photo credit: Jennifer Conley)
Sustainable and Regenerative Activities
Covered in Up Close & Personal 

  backyard compost
  worm compost
  backyard chickens
  container gardening
  raised beds
  sub-irrigated growing
  pollinator plants
  fruit trees
  bee hive 
  rain barrels 
  seed starting
  season extension
  local buying practices
  natural cleaning products
  neighborhood strategies
  trade and barter
  indoor aquaponics
  vertical gardening
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Up Close & Personal
next session June 30
Edible Bugs... I Dare You!
We are one of the few cultures on Earth that do NOT have insects consciously in  our food system. Is it time to change that?Payment%20Center.htmlPayment%20Center.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1
  1. Fees for June 30 Edible Bugs
  2. Early Bird $29 + $10 materials paid by June 15
  3. $39 +$10 materials paid after June 15
  4.  add $10 late fee after June 21